Chicken Soup

1 tbs olive oilBlue Moon Studio148782

1 small yellow onion chopped

1 lg carrot diced

1 garlic clove minced

1 bay leaf

Salt and pepper

1/3 cup white wine

6 cups chicken stock

1 tbs chopped thyme

1 tbs chopped parsley

1 cup Israeli couscous

3 cups cooked shredded chicken

Shaved Parmesan

Heat oil and add onions and carrots. Saute until onions are translucent then add garlic, bay leaf salt and pepper. When garlic is fragrant add wine and reduce by half. Add stock, thyme and parsley. Bring to a boil then add couscous. Cover and simmer for 10 min, stirring occasionally.

Add chicken and cook an additional 2 minutes until chicken is heated through. Serve with shaved parmesan