Bourbon And Grilled Rosemary Lemonade

Bourbon & Grilled Rosemary Lemonade

Recipe by Chris Meyer


Yield: 2 cocktails


2 oz bourbon

8 oz grilled rosemary lemonade (Recipe below)

2 smoked rosemary sprigs



In a cocktail shaker add ice, bourbon and grilled rosemary lemonade. Shake until well chilled and strain over ice in 2 old fashioned or 2 coupe glasses. Use a lighter, or stove, to ignite the rosemary sprig. Blow it out immediately and garnish each glass.


Grilled Rosemary Lemonade

Yield: Approximately 1 ½ quarts


8 Large lemons, halved

1C Granulated sugar

1C Water

4 Large sprigs Rosemary, stems on


Preheat grill and leave on high. Using a paper towel soaked in vegetable or grape seed oil wipe the grill grates down to prevent sticking.

In a medium sauce pan combine the sugar, water and 4 sprigs of Rosemary. Turn the heat to medium high. Bring the mixture just to a boil and turn off the heat once the sugar has completely dissolved. Set aside to steep while the lemons are grilling.

Once the grill is hot place the lemons on the grates, cut side down, reduce heat to medium and close the lid. Grill until there are grill marks on each lemon. Carefully remove with tongs and set aside. Allow the lemons to sit until they are just cool enough to touch. Squeeze them while they’re still warm to get the maximum amount of juice. Squeeze each half into a container using a handheld juicer or tongs.

Strain all of the seeds from the lemon juice and add to a large pitcher. Add water and strained simple syrup to taste. Chill.